Carnival 2018 was held on  a beautiful day with wall to wall sunshine, it was a success, once again providing a  social gathering of families and friends from in and around Aston cum Aughton with a free afternoons entertainment.

There  were more stalls  and the arena was extended by 20 yards to fit them all in.

 The day started with the parade from Swallownest led by the Mayor’s limousine carrying our elected Carnival Princess, Victoria Facer, followed by Dinnington Colliery Brass Band two groups of dancers and the paramedic ambulance taking up the rear doubling as rear protection for the marchers.

The parade unfortunately is getting smaller and although the local dance groups join we didn’t have any groups or individuals in fancy dress this year. As the cost of the road closure is in excess of £300.00 this may have to be looked at for future years.

The parade arrived at the gate to the field to be met and confronted by a squad of the Knights in Battle suitably tooled up in armour carrying shields, swords, axes and longbows, and after the usual pleasantries the parade was allowed to enter and where then escorted to the arena where the Rotherham Mayor, Councillor Alan Buckley, crowned our Carnival Princess, Victoria, as the 2018 Carnival Queen and then officially opened the carnival for the afternoons entertainment to begin.

The Mayor and Mayoress thoroughly enjoyed  a walk about for the rest of the day  visiting every stall


The organisers would like to thank all the dance groups and other performers in the arena who entertained us for the afternoon and this year we even managed to keep nearer to the planned program..

Dinnington Colliery Brass Band  continued to play  throughout  the afternoon from the edge of the arena between other turns.  .

Please note the band is always on the lookout for new members


The organisers hope that the stall holders raising money for charities  had a successful day .People buying from stallholders have provided financial support local youth groups and charities.  These include,. the Aston Filling Station raising money for the Aston Footballers and Barry Pritchard raising money for Bluebellwood Hospice.


The cost of last year’s 2017 carnival was in excess of £2,500.00 with over £1,500.00 for statutory insurance, medical cover, the road closure costs to conform with the Highways Acts, and the various licences needed. Plus the fees for some of the performers in the arena.The other £900.00 is for printing the program and advertising posters, this usually pays for itself by fees from the adverts in the program and although we get awarded some grants we still have to raise money through the stall holders

The carnival finances do not usually get finalised until the end of the year with the overall forecasted cost being roughly the same as last year.

Any surplus that has been generated from donations by stall holders, fees for plots by commercial stalls and fees from the adverts in the program will be passed on to local charities the committee support on behalf of our community.

We are very grateful for the grants we receive and the support from all the stall holders

On one slightly sour note, we were made aware after the event that at some stage in the afternoon some

bus drivers refused to come along Lodge Lane because of vehicles parked in such a way that it made it

difficult and dangerous for busses to get through resulting in some people having to walk to Mansfield

Road to catch a bus.

The easy answer is to restrict parking on one side of the road but we feel this would be unfair to local

residents plus the cost of doing this would possibly be out of our reach

The committee are sorry for any inconvenience this caused and are aware of the issue which they will

address and hope to find a solution for next year.

The committee wish to thank. Aston cum Aughton Parish Council for there help.

All the firms that placed an advert in the Carnival Program (who now have links on our website)

The helpers who acted as marshals in the parade and those who helped to set out the field

All stall holders and of course our visitors and our community at large for all their support which we hope will

continue for next year’s CARNIVAL on :-