Photo from Aston history group Aston in 1930’s

In the 1920’s and right up to the war years Aston had a annual get together known as the  Aston  Feast  held in the field at the top of Aston Hill now the Town End Shops

The Feast was a time when families would get together visiting the family home which

would have had its second spring clean of the year. The family pig would have been killed,pork pies made and cakes baked for the coming event.

The Feast was celebrated in late September to coincide with Harvest Festival and the school would be closed for the Feast’s 3 day event and as one entered the field they would be met by the sweet & coconut stall with a huge pile of coconuts then rows of brandy snaps, large squares of pink and white coconut and huge coloured jellies coated in sugar all ran by a MrsSmith who also kept an eye on the swings which would have been put up earlier.

Next came the Rifle Range and Coconut Shies, followed by the Darts, Peep Show and possibly a Fire Eater or Boxing Midgets, a Juggler or Snake Charmer.

The food stall would have been the Pea - Stall where you could get a basin of mushy peas and vinegar for 2d, (tupence old money). All stalls where arrange around the travelling fair with its roundabouts and hoop-la stalls

 A lady who lived  at the corner of Aughton Lane would do teas for people visiting the Feast and if they came by bicycle she would allow them to park them in her yard for safety, and of course for a small fee. Others would arrive by bus which turned round at the terminus at Aston Town End, in front of her house.

Happy carefree days all came to an end with the start of the war because of the lack of

manpower, rationing of oil & petrol and the blackout was in force.

The Carnival  was revived in 2005 initially as a music festival and its progess since then is recorded on this site.

The committee and webmaster would welcome any contribution which reflects how the carnival has progressed since then.